Described by international media as “the place where the heart of world fusion music beats”, the MusicHall is not just a theatre venue and much more than a club. In 2003, Elefteriades Productions launched the first MusicHall in Beirut, a live music stage representing a new and unique concept: very short live musical acts unveiling talents from around the world in a series of staged eclectic performances using the best technologies in sound and light equipments, in addition to refined gourmet menus.

This now mythical venue has also hosted many famous international artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Roberto Fonseca, Paolo Fresu, Jane Birkin, Olivia Ruiz, Bernard Lavilliers, Yann Tiersen, Grand Corps Malade Souad Massi, etc… offering its public a series of high-end musical and cultural experiences.

The secret of the MusicHall lies beneath the combination of two components; the managerial and technical skills of the ELEF Team under the supervision of Eng. Jean Elefteriades, and the artistic creativity of the Venue’s mentor Michel Elefteriades.

Leaders in showbiz since 1977, the ELEF Team has been persistently making every endeavor to create and innovate in the world of music, keeping the venue at its international level.

The novelty-wiz Michel Elefteriades, author, composer and producer, has signed a number of unique fusions that count among the Arab world’s most successful musical experiments of the last decade, among which Hanine Y Son Cubano, Wadih El Safi in duo with Jose Fernandez and Tony Hanna & the Yugoslavian Gipsy Brass Band.

While many MusicHalls around the world are already in the pipeline, the MusicHall Dubai will open its doors by the end of 2011.
Not just a theatre venue and much more than a club...
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